Bully Stick [Beef Pizzle]

Bully Stick [Beef Pizzle]

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Bully Sticks (also known as Beef Pizzle) are fully digestible, long lasting and most importantly your dog will love them! Bully Sticks are high a protein, low fat dog treat and the chewing action is great for teeth cleaning promoting healthy teeth and gums.


  • Australian beef with no additives
  • Great for puppies
  • Suitable for small to medium size dogs, but large dogs can still enjoy these
  • Assists with dental health
  • High protein, low fat


Our bully sticks are 100% Australian, 100% natural and 100% preservative free.

Many of the bully sticks available in Australia are NOT Australian produce - they are only packaged in Australia. 


Each stick is approx 150mm long. Size, shape and colour will vary as this is a natural product.


What is Beef Pizzle for dogs?

Bully Sticks (also known as Beef Pizzle) come from the penis of the Bull. They are a very popular dental chew helping to ensure your dog has strong pearly whites.