Blueberry Scrub Shampoo - 150  ml

Blueberry Scrub Shampoo - 150 ml

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Blueberry Scrub shampoo is a natural coconut base shampoo that gently cleanses, whitens and brightens the coat and helps to eliminate staining without the use of chemicals or dyes. 

Our shampoo is specially formulated to be low sudsing and easily rinsed out due to the natural ingredients. It contains no surfactants, sulphates, dyes or foam boosters which can cause skin irritation. We use only natures own powerful antioxidants of Blueberry and Green tea to whiten and brighten coats. Our shampoo is gentle on the skin with Chamomile to reduce redness and inflammation. 

Stain removal- Wet the coat and dab Blueberry scrub shampoo foam onto areas that need attention. Massage into the coat. For best results wait 2-3 minutes before rinsing. 

Whiten & Brighten - Can be used as a shampoo all over to brighten all coat colours.


Suitable to use on dogs and cats from 6 weeks and up.

External use only,  avoid contact with eyes.