Bone Marrow Chew - Goats Milk

Bone Marrow Chew - Goats Milk

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Does your dog love to chew? 

Want the benefits of giving a bone but without the worry of it splintering and causing harm? 

Then you and your dog will love our Bone Marrow Chews. Made from 100% natural dried bone marrow with the added benefit of goats milk. The bone marrow is extracted from boiled beef bones and then dried for up to 6 weeks while removing the fat creating a chew like no other, a bone with out the bone but all the benefits and it’s easy to digest. 

Bone marrow is full of nutrition containing iron, protein, vitamin B12, natural antioxidants and high in collagen.

Not only will these keep your dog entertained but it will also help keep your dogs teeth and gums clean and healthy. 


Suitable for dogs big and small, young and old. Super popular for the power chewers, but if your dog finds it a little hard just run it under hot water for a few seconds to soften it up a bit.

​Ingredients: 100% Australian beef bone marrow and goats milk.



Small - approx 7cm x 2cm

Large - approx 14cm x 4cm