We have been producing our BEST 4 Paws natural shampoo bars since 2015 on the Gold Coast Australia and now with 4 Paws Natural we continue to produce our natural grooming range while expanding our line of products to include Natural Treats.

After seeing how many chemicals were in the store bought shampoos with some products not even listing the ingredients, our English Staffy Artie had such sensitive skin we wanted to know exactly what we were putting on his skin we developed our all natural shampoo bars for all dogs and skin types. Since a puppy Artie was never able to eat anything containing artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives or his skin would break out so we have always struggled finding treats that were good for him, so we started baking our own.  


We pride ourselves on providing natural treats and shampoo bars for all dogs that contain no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, no added sugar, using natural ingredients that are beneficial to their  health.

                Feed, Treat and Groom your best friend better the natural way