Blueberry Banana & Coconut Biscuits DIY mix

Blueberry Banana & Coconut Biscuits DIY mix

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Now you can always have your dogs favourite biscuits on hand with our DIY Biscuit Mix, it’s quick and simple to make and like all our treats it is all natural with each ingredient carefully selected with your dogs health and well-being in mind.

Made with oats, rice, coconut, blueberries,  banana and  Australian Manuka honey

Nothing else added.

Gluten free, easily digestible for your pooch to enjoy. A highly nutritious snack.

simply add 1 egg and water.

makes 20 biscuits 4.5x 4.5 cm

you can use a cookie cutter or simply pinch off a piece of dough and flatter with your hand to make a cookie.

Storage: Keep in airtight container in fridge or freeze for longer



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