Natural Shampoo Bar - Whitening

Natural Shampoo Bar - Whitening

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Naturally whitens and brightens light and coloured coats without the use of chemicals, bleach or dyes. Deeply cleanses the skin, degreasing and deodorising the coat. Adds luster and shine to the coat.     

Ingredients: Saponified blend of oils including Coconut and Sunflower. Organic Herbs Chamomile, Nettle and Green Tea. French Green clay. Fragrant oil -Sage and Lemmongrass.

May contain traces of other herbs.


How to use:

Wet your pooches coat thoroughly, wet the shampoo bar. Now rub the bar all over your pets coat to create a soft silky lather. Use both hands to give your pooch a lovely massage, getting the shampoo into the skin. Your pooch will really enjoy a good massage. Then rinse in clean running water. Towel dry then dry off in sun or blow dry. You will love the soft fresh feel of the coat and clean smell, and your pooches skin will be better for it. 

Additional Information:

Our Shampoo bars are a natural product made with no added preservatives, once removed from the packaging will last from 12 - 18 months. 

Allow the bar to drain and dry out on a rack after each use. This will increase the life of the bar and prevent wastage. Store bar in a dry place away from wet surfaces and moisture.

Made from scratch and hand poured therefore each bar will vary in weight. Our standard size 100+ g bar weighs 100g -125 g, 90+ g bar weighs 90 - 99g A small to medium sized pet will get 5 - 10 washes from the standard size bar. 

A Large 50 kg dog can get 5 or more washes from the standard size bar.