Zippy Paws - Reindeer Beer

Zippy Paws - Reindeer Beer

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Give your “deer” dog a toy they’ll never let go of with the ZippyPaws Holiday Happy Hour Crusherz - Reindeer Beer!

From ZippyPaws Distillery, we introduce the squeaky, crunchy, and entertaining Holiday Happy Hour Crusherz Reindeer Beer! This bottle is an interactive empty water bottle dog toy featuring the Reindeer Beer soft and stuffing-free sleeve with a free empty plastic bottle inside. You can replace the bottle with other standard-sized water bottles for endless entertainment for your pet! The sleeve helps protect your dog from any possible cuts and injuries if the bottle is torn. To bring more holiday cheer to your dog’s day, this Happy Hour Crusherz has a reusable squeaky bottle cap to keep your dog engaged with the toy!


  • Special limited holiday edition of the ZippyPaws Happy Hour Crusherz
  • Includes a free empty water bottle inside the soft cover for crunchy chewing fun!
  • Features a reusable squeaky water bottle cap to enhance your pet’s entertainment
  • Replaceable empty bottle for never-ending entertainment
  • Mentally challenges your pet (because they’ll try to get the water bottle out!) and keeps them occupied for hours – great for independent, home-alone playtime
  • Stuffing-free bottle cover for zero mess


Dimensions: Approx. 27.9cm x 7.6cm x 7.6cm